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Heatmaster SS Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Heatmaster G-Series

Maximum Efficiency

The Heatmaster SS G-Series is the very latest in outdoor wood burner technology. It uses a process called wood gasification to achieve much higher efficiency than a traditional outdoor wood boiler and at the same time create far less carbon emissions, or smoke. Featuring a one of a kind flue cleaning system, this unit requires no brushing or scraping creosote. Just rotate the lever on the side of the unit back and forth to clean the heat exchange tubes. The Heatmaster SS G-Series meets and exceeds EPA Phase 2 emission requirements and currently is the most efficient outdoor wood stove on the market. Click here for more information.

Heatmaster MF-eSeries

Versatility and Simplicity

The Heatmaster SS MF-eSeries is the perfect combination of versatility and simplicity. A Heatmaster classic, it can burn almost anything you can fit through the door(wood, coal, or biomass), no splitting necessary. Featuring unique shaking grates and a large removable ash pan for easy ash disposal, a round fire box for a more complete burn, and a three pass heat exchange system for high efficiency it is the perfect unit for any and all commercial heating needs. Click here for more information.

Heatmaster C-Series

Efficient Coal Heat

The Heatmaster C-Series is a well-designed, dependable outdoor coal boiler. It can be hooked to almost any heating system, commercial or residential and features Heatmaster's unique shaker grates and ash removal drawer. Built with the consumer(you) in mind, it is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Click here for more information.

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